Not Gold; Not Bitcoin. Subsistence only.

US/European interest rates are still close to zero. When they begin to substantially increase their rates, combined with lower profit margins for companies, we will witness the economic and social collapse.Vinícius Capucho There is the macroeconomic concept before Gold and BitCoin that few observe. 1. I'm not saying that BTC is worthless, but it's certainly … Continue reading Not Gold; Not Bitcoin. Subsistence only.


Weekly Report | Personal Vision

Based on the last charts collected, referring to the S&P 500 and NYSE indices, we were able to acquire some rational interpretations that help us to make decisions. I'm not talking about selling anything, however, we managed to remain calm and practice the wisdom to look for Value Companies still with Fair Prices. FOLLOW THE … Continue reading Weekly Report | Personal Vision


Relatório Semanal | Visão Pessoal

Baseado nos últimos gráficos coletados, referente aos índices S&P 500 e NYSE, conseguimos adquirir algumas interpretações racionais que nos auxiliam para tomadas de decisão. Não me refiro a vender nada, porém, conseguimos manter a calma e praticar a sabedoria para procurar Empresas de Valor ainda com Preços Justos. ACOMPANHE O MOMENTO QUE ESTAMOS! De acordo … Continue reading Relatório Semanal | Visão Pessoal


A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7

I'll present a super interesting thesis that involves HIGH Risk x Return. Long-lasting companies that work according to some macro market cycles - whether in the global, regional or local economy. Its Revenues and Profits largely depend on numerous economic, political, social and natural variables. The share price of a specific industry company can range … Continue reading A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7


Um Tiro Na Lua OU Um Tiro Na Água | Stocks Series .7

Apresentarei uma tese super interessante que envolve ALTÍSSIMO Risco x Retorno. Companhias duradouras que trabalham de acordo com alguns macro ciclos de mercado - seja na economia global, regional ou local. Suas Receitas e Lucros dependem largamente de inúmeras variáveis econômicas, políticas, sociais e naturais. O preço das ações de uma empresa específica do ramo … Continue reading Um Tiro Na Lua OU Um Tiro Na Água | Stocks Series .7


Weekly Report | Desired Corrections

More indicators correlate expectations of the reality experienced in American and world markets. The Asian markets, Hong Kong and Shanghai, have been undergoing prolonged corrections for almost a year. Alibaba, for example, has already lost 53% of its stock value. Nio - Chinese electric car manufacturer and self-employed - it has lost 41% of its … Continue reading Weekly Report | Desired Corrections


Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks

Getting rid of the "common paths" of the markets has great benefits. This is because the individual moves away from the herd effect; acquires larger volumes of shares of companies that no one cares about at bargain prices and values ​​its equity when every market sees Value in this Company. There are several reports over … Continue reading Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks

The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Summary Report on the evolution - or involution - of Markets. There are 5 (five) graphs that demonstrate greater absolute detachments that exist in the pricing of the S&P500 in relation to the reality of the general economy. Consumption gradually retracted while the expectation of rising assets remains intense. Yesterday, 30/09/2021, the largest withdrawal … Continue reading The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Disruptive Technologies 5G / 6E: $6.9 Billion MARKET IN 2024 | Series of actions .5

In this article I will write about one more Company that has been standing out in the Disruptive Technologies area. The previous companies were, mostly, in the Biotechnology sector, encompassing pharmaceutical companies and very high technology laboratories. Everything that involves - needs - semiconductors is going through an incredible scarcity: from microchips and microcontrollers, to … Continue reading Disruptive Technologies 5G / 6E: $6.9 Billion MARKET IN 2024 | Series of actions .5

Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

ONLY FREE ITEM AVAILABLESubscribe NOW! ONLY $3.89 ANNUAL I'll start this article with the latest weekly data and where the markets are. As noted, I will try to be as didactic as possible in my presentations and justifications - aiming at the new audience on this platform - of what has been happening in recent … Continue reading Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality