Mental Prostitution

The executive director of the World Economic Forum and one of the main “revolution” enthusiasts already mentioned: “The fourth industrial revolution is not defined by agroup of emerging technologies; it is defined by the transition towards the new systems that were build on top of the [previous] digital revolution infrastructure”.KLAUS MARTIN SCHWAB Fatally, all that … Continue reading Mental Prostitution

Back To The Monkeys

Wandering through random and perhaps shady thoughts, I observe the gear of human consciousness degrading - rusting rapidly over the years. All this gear deteriorating, rotting in its insignificance. Before, what was only likely to behave in purely infant children - infantilized, bestialized, idiotic (why not?) - now, widening on a global scale affecting young … Continue reading Back To The Monkeys

Eternally Empty

I have no merit in deeply entering Aquina's reasoning, but I rigorously reflect on his vast teachings and withdraw some of his own tiny conclusions that make sense to me: The being is composed of body, soul, and spirit. When there is misrepresenting at least one of these, it will render every man unworthy of … Continue reading Eternally Empty

About My Writings

I don't just want to sell "books". I want to sell an idea, or deliver an idea, a breath of consciousness. My project is not for today, a month or a year, but, for posterity - after my death. I'm writing the third book purely philosophical and spiritual. I'm only 32 years old and Intend … Continue reading About My Writings

The Fly

The fly’s nature is to feast on banquets served to the table – too bad not only from tables of our own houses – however, they enjoy the pleasures that even other predators are trying to conquest. They constantly procreate against the free food, of any deceased created. They don’t worry about hunting, working, serving … Continue reading The Fly

Letter To My Son

"The pause must be purposeful. It is sustained for the construction of a solid organizational foundation of the intellect." A more clear look related to the originality of rational quality of life should become a habit over the years of every individual with full intellectual capacity. There is unanimity in today's Western cultures that preach … Continue reading Letter To My Son

A Culpa Sempre Foi Minha: E do Benefício Social

Apenas R$1,99. Mais um livro meu, abençoado, que está disponível na Amazon. Agora rumo ao terceiro livro. Rumo à obra para a posteridade.

Terapia De Mercado

"Adquirir sabedoria é um dever moral. Não é algo que se faz só para prosperar financeiramente."Charlie Munger DESINFORMAÇÕES Causas passageiras, as vezes, se tornam objetivos essenciais. Cada vez mais nos deparamos com mais e mais digital influencers em praticamente todas as áreas das nossas vidas. Problemas no casamento? Siga àquele influencer! Trabalho sufocante? Assista o … Continue reading Terapia De Mercado