Not Gold; Not Bitcoin. Subsistence only.

US/European interest rates are still close to zero. When they begin to substantially increase their rates, combined with lower profit margins for companies, we will witness the economic and social collapse.Vinícius Capucho There is the macroeconomic concept before Gold and BitCoin that few observe. 1. I'm not saying that BTC is worthless, but it's certainly … Continue reading Not Gold; Not Bitcoin. Subsistence only.


Extra Report | Market & Mind

The volume of the reverse buy movement, together with the extreme speed and ease of Execution of Sell Orders, sent the market indices to lows worthy of comparison with large funds of 2018 and the mini-crash of 2020. The Sales volume, identified by the red areas, clearly demonstrates the ripple effect. The consummation of the … Continue reading Extra Report | Market & Mind


Weekly Report | Winter is Coming

NEGATIVE FEELING IS TAMINING THE BULLS. With each passing week, market positivists are slowly being taken over, shifting their positions and converging on a general feeling of pessimism. In addition to the current war spreading in Eastern Europe, there are also strong inflationary issues: caused mainly by the historic issuance of money by Central Banks; … Continue reading Weekly Report | Winter is Coming


Weekly Report | Collective Feeling

The real meaning of life should condition the singular individual on the path to the formation of a personal, personalized, individual and, above all, rational character. In a completely opposite sense, humanity systematically absorbs the "facilities" conditioned by Social Engineering massively present in the virtual environment. The characteristic of 'intellectual difficulty' became directly proportional to … Continue reading Weekly Report | Collective Feeling

Weekly Report | Insane Individuals

Sometimes I have an absurd urge to give up the basic and healthy fundamentals that support the concept of "Market" and Economics. It simply became abstract to obtain and trust an adequate, rational and coherent view of the logical movement of this insane world. Those old Newton laws: Law of Inertia and the Law of Action … Continue reading Weekly Report | Insane Individuals


"For those who are dying, the living are already irrelevant." And so I'm writing the third book. In the meantime, why don't you read my second book? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09675CCLF

Fim do Ciclo Macroeconômico

Translate to your language at the end of the page and share. Quando se compra algum ativo descontado, com fundamentos financeiros coerentes, o investidor adquire a chamada "margem de segurança". Possivelmente, este mesmo sujeito não sofrerá tanto caso venhamos a nos deparar com um bear market prolongado. É como comprar um imóvel que vale $500 mil … Continue reading Fim do Ciclo Macroeconômico