Coins Are Just Names!

The dollar will not die, on the contrary, it will strengthen! The global economy is pegged to the dollar because the US economy is the most FREE, productive and transparent in the world. It doesn't matter if it's Dollar, Real, Yuan, Ruble, Pound, Peso, Bitcoin or any other "currency". What keeps the relationship between currencies … Continue reading Coins Are Just Names!

Relatório Semanal | Expectativa vs Realidade

ÚNICO ARTIGO GRATUITO DISPONÍVELAssine Já! APENAS R$19,90 ANUAL Iniciarei este artigo com os últimos dados semanais e o momento que os mercados se encontram. Conforme observado, tentarei ser o mais didático possível em minhas apresentações e justificativas - visando o público iniciante nesta plataforma - do que vem ocorrendo nos últimos meses e também da … Continue reading Relatório Semanal | Expectativa vs Realidade


The famous Uranium thesis and future price perspective according to demand. Follow and think about it often on Uranium since 2019, when we confirmed that the numbers will finally be showing all these years. Reflections, beliefs and studies on the concept of the future of the United States, in theory, are simple, or if it … Continue reading URANIUM!

The Bubble of Everything

ONLY THIS POST WITH ACCESS IS RELEASED TO GIVE A PERSPECTIVE OF WHAT I WRITE. Some still insist on telling and influencing people with the objective of encouraging them to enter into extremely complex and risky situations. It already happened several decades ago, centuries past, and in 2020, it did not happen as designated by … Continue reading The Bubble of Everything

BREAK NEWS: 2021 American Urological Association Results

In the last post I opened my idea about the biotechnology company that develops the latest generation in the treatment of urethral and kidney cancer. Today, the same company released its latest results on its treatments. BOOM!! Final data from Phase 2b OPTIMA II trial of UGN-102 showed complete and durable response for intravesical instillation … Continue reading BREAK NEWS: 2021 American Urological Association Results

Desconhecida? Biofarmacêutica Líder Em Inovação – Cânceres Especiais e Doenças Urológicas

Desvalorização de 76% desde 2018 "Aprecio isto! Companhias que se tornaram "esquecidas" ao longo de um período de tempo por falta da ênfase das grandes mídias; também quase esquecida pelos analistas e pela ampla habilidade dos populares influenciadores digitais de repetirem sempre as mesmas coisas - sempre na mesma direção da maioria. Busco nesta plataforma … Continue reading Desconhecida? Biofarmacêutica Líder Em Inovação – Cânceres Especiais e Doenças Urológicas

It Makes No Sense!

When faced with the following graphs, I become extremely skeptical of how disproportionate the American market has been since 1987. The maximum discourse is applied, in the current moments, that everything can be justified by the configuration of the current globalization, with massive performance of the technology and, mainly, of Artificial Intelligence [AI] - not … Continue reading It Makes No Sense!

An Unbelievable Chinese Company

It is noted that its shares currently lie at $1.64. Don't be alittle stun now, after all, it came to cost only $1.18 in the "little crash" of March/2020. We then proceed to expose what happened to this company, its future prospectus and its probable values by Peter Lynch's formula.

Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

Translate to the desired language. I start my studies showing the subscriber the first company that lately I am paying a lot of attention due to its extremely effective development against several different types of cancer. The company was founded in 2014 to develop state-of-the-art therapies to serve cancer patients through specialized knowledge of biological … Continue reading Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

Último Geração No Tratamento de Câncer

Translate to the desired language. Inicio meus estudos mostrando ao assinante a primeira empresa que ultimamente estou dando muita atenção devido ao seu desenvolvimento extremamente eficaz contra vários tipos distintos de câncer. A empresa foi fundada em 2014 para desenvolver terapias de última geração para atender pacientes com câncer por meio de conhecimento especializado de … Continue reading Último Geração No Tratamento de Câncer