Weekly Report | S&P 500 MACRO!

ENJOY WITH A GOOD COFFEE! The "suggestive" title of the first chart represents the massive desperation of individuals operating in the market - in general: Reasons To Sell! DON'T SELL IN DESPERATION! If you are a conscious, rational, controlled investor and can interpret the harmful environment of the markets, you will be able to identify … Continue reading Weekly Report | S&P 500 MACRO!


Undervalued Biopharmaceutical Giant | Stocks Series .9

Another extraordinary company in the American market that is absolutely undervalued according to its strong balance sheets. Nothing happens by chance, but rather for lack of a basic behavioral and rational approach on the part of individuals who act with extreme greed and also ignorance. The Company I am presenting is 40% (or more) below … Continue reading Undervalued Biopharmaceutical Giant | Stocks Series .9


Investing in Space It’s Now! Geospatial and Mobile Infrastructure | Stocks Series .8

"Don't confuse diplomas with knowledge. I didn't go to Harvard, but the people who work for me did."Elon Musk You can't start writing the article about this company without a rational introduction first: People who don't move, don't create anything - they just copy. And in this case, whoever moves makes everything happen in the … Continue reading Investing in Space It’s Now! Geospatial and Mobile Infrastructure | Stocks Series .8


A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7

I'll present a super interesting thesis that involves HIGH Risk x Return. Long-lasting companies that work according to some macro market cycles - whether in the global, regional or local economy. Its Revenues and Profits largely depend on numerous economic, political, social and natural variables. The share price of a specific industry company can range … Continue reading A Shot In The Moon Or A Shot In The Water | Stocks Series .7


Weekly Report | Desired Corrections

More indicators correlate expectations of the reality experienced in American and world markets. The Asian markets, Hong Kong and Shanghai, have been undergoing prolonged corrections for almost a year. Alibaba, for example, has already lost 53% of its stock value. Nio - Chinese electric car manufacturer and self-employed - it has lost 41% of its … Continue reading Weekly Report | Desired Corrections


Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks

Getting rid of the "common paths" of the markets has great benefits. This is because the individual moves away from the herd effect; acquires larger volumes of shares of companies that no one cares about at bargain prices and values ​​its equity when every market sees Value in this Company. There are several reports over … Continue reading Very Cheap Japanese Bank | Series .6 Stocks

The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Summary Report on the evolution - or involution - of Markets. There are 5 (five) graphs that demonstrate greater absolute detachments that exist in the pricing of the S&P500 in relation to the reality of the general economy. Consumption gradually retracted while the expectation of rising assets remains intense. Yesterday, 30/09/2021, the largest withdrawal … Continue reading The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

ONLY FREE ITEM AVAILABLESubscribe NOW! ONLY $3.89 ANNUAL I'll start this article with the latest weekly data and where the markets are. As noted, I will try to be as didactic as possible in my presentations and justifications - aiming at the new audience on this platform - of what has been happening in recent … Continue reading Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

Negative Returns Are Very Close!

More data keeps us on our toes about the future of previously positive returns. Periods of Zero or Negative Returns are approaching by leaps and bounds and the capacity to last, if it happens at the same rate, has become extremely worrying. Particularly, I believe that we will go through a long period with this … Continue reading Negative Returns Are Very Close!


A famosa tese do Urânio e perspectiva de preço futuro de acordo com a demanda.  Acompanho e penso frequentemente no Urânio desde o fim de 2019, quando comecei confirmar o que os números estavam finalmente demonstrando durante tantos anos. Os pensamentos, raciocínios e estudos sobre o conceito do futuro do Urânio, teoricamente, são simples. O … Continue reading Urânio!