Federal Reserve VS S&P 500

I do not seek in any way to please you with my analyses. On the contrary, my intention always points to a rational, behavioral and psychological control based on facts and data widely disseminated by reputable institutions focused on the financial sector. In this way, by exercising your now rationalized mind, you can maintain an … Continue reading Federal Reserve VS S&P 500


Weekly Report | Personal Vision

Based on the last charts collected, referring to the S&P 500 and NYSE indices, we were able to acquire some rational interpretations that help us to make decisions. I'm not talking about selling anything, however, we managed to remain calm and practice the wisdom to look for Value Companies still with Fair Prices. FOLLOW THE … Continue reading Weekly Report | Personal Vision


Weekly Report | Desired Corrections

More indicators correlate expectations of the reality experienced in American and world markets. The Asian markets, Hong Kong and Shanghai, have been undergoing prolonged corrections for almost a year. Alibaba, for example, has already lost 53% of its stock value. Nio - Chinese electric car manufacturer and self-employed - it has lost 41% of its … Continue reading Weekly Report | Desired Corrections

The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Summary Report on the evolution - or involution - of Markets. There are 5 (five) graphs that demonstrate greater absolute detachments that exist in the pricing of the S&P500 in relation to the reality of the general economy. Consumption gradually retracted while the expectation of rising assets remains intense. Yesterday, 30/09/2021, the largest withdrawal … Continue reading The Great Break | Chance Of A Life?

Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

ONLY FREE ITEM AVAILABLESubscribe NOW! ONLY $3.89 ANNUAL I'll start this article with the latest weekly data and where the markets are. As noted, I will try to be as didactic as possible in my presentations and justifications - aiming at the new audience on this platform - of what has been happening in recent … Continue reading Weekly Report | Expectation vs Reality

Negative Returns Are Very Close!

More data keeps us on our toes about the future of previously positive returns. Periods of Zero or Negative Returns are approaching by leaps and bounds and the capacity to last, if it happens at the same rate, has become extremely worrying. Particularly, I believe that we will go through a long period with this … Continue reading Negative Returns Are Very Close!

Recessive Intuitions – Last 30 years

Below is some interesting weekly information that makes us reflect a little more on the moment we are living. Retail sales have declined drastically in recent months, contrary to investors' positive expectations. In the previous article, found in the 'News [english/Portuguese]' menu, there were many cumulative distortions that indicate a strong recession is approaching: the … Continue reading Recessive Intuitions – Last 30 years