In The End, We Are All Life’s Speculators

https://www.amazon.com/-/pt/dp/B09675CCLF/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=TLXZu&pf_rd_p=6f8f01b9-e98c-4b0d-91cf-a93790267134&pf_rd_r=D2ZA6TETM8AFX5P3MK09&pd_rd_r=50193136-302e-45e7-9a24-009ae06613b0&pd_rd_wg=cZfA3&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m FREE DOWNLOAD IN APPLE BOOKS E GOOGLE BOOKS I don’t worry that much about tomorrow, after all, your future is nothing else but a speculation. I start this reflection in a very sensitive manner, maybe it will touch your inner side, in your intimacy, and that might make you re-think your own life. Individuals … Continue reading In The End, We Are All Life’s Speculators

Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..

On this night of writing, Saturday night, I have nothing to write that will please your hungry eyes. Yea! Hungry eyes that search incessantly through the mirror of the world, where they only reflect their own selfishness, still incomprehensible, of their internal illnesses. Go to your own mirror, unique and still available. Observe carefully how … Continue reading Translate That Shit, Foreigner of Yourself..

It Makes No Sense!

When faced with the following graphs, I become extremely skeptical of how disproportionate the American market has been since 1987. The maximum discourse is applied, in the current moments, that everything can be justified by the configuration of the current globalization, with massive performance of the technology and, mainly, of Artificial Intelligence [AI] - not … Continue reading It Makes No Sense!

Unknown That Can Enrich You VERY MUCH in the Medium-Long Term.

Oncology Highlights: Second Quarter Giving another emphasis on the previous post, I should mention as a general knowledge about the highlights of the Company cited. It is also worth mentioning that due to the costs of the platform domain, it is necessary to limit the content only to members who subscribe to this platform. The … Continue reading Unknown That Can Enrich You VERY MUCH in the Medium-Long Term.

Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

Translate to the desired language. I start my studies showing the subscriber the first company that lately I am paying a lot of attention due to its extremely effective development against several different types of cancer. The company was founded in 2014 to develop state-of-the-art therapies to serve cancer patients through specialized knowledge of biological … Continue reading Last Generation In Cancer Treatment

New Project. New World

Hello, everyone! Soon, in a few days, I will be debuting on this platform my personal project to expand to my readers and followers my knowledge and studies related to the global financial market, micro and macroeconomics, unknown companies worldwide and their possible returns. Anyone who has been following my work since last year, or … Continue reading New Project. New World

The Beginning of The End

The poor man, on questioning ‘his lord’ suffers from his afflictions, begs for freedom, and cannot clearly see why he has such deprivation, why is he such a slave. As he reports himself, he has had enough of the banquets – always satisfied -, but he cannot find the substance that differentiates it from a … Continue reading The Beginning of The End


"For those who are dying, the living are already irrelevant." And so I'm writing the third book. In the meantime, why don't you read my second book? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09675CCLF

The Fly

The fly’s nature is to feast on banquets served to the table – too bad not only from tables of our own houses – however, they enjoy the pleasures that even other predators are trying to conquest. They constantly procreate against the free food, of any deceased created. They don’t worry about hunting, working, serving … Continue reading The Fly

Letter To My Son

"The pause must be purposeful. It is sustained for the construction of a solid organizational foundation of the intellect." A more clear look related to the originality of rational quality of life should become a habit over the years of every individual with full intellectual capacity. There is unanimity in today's Western cultures that preach … Continue reading Letter To My Son