Coins Are Just Names!

The dollar will not die, on the contrary, it will strengthen! The global economy is pegged to the dollar because the US economy is the most FREE, productive and transparent in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dollar, Real, Yuan, Ruble, Pound, Peso, Bitcoin or any other “currency”. What keeps the relationship between currencies “strong vs. weak” is the factor of PRODUCTIVITY, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL FREEDOM and TRANSPARENCY.

Try to be an entrepreneur in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, China, North Korea, Russia, Nigeria, Congo, Cuba, Laos, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and so many other regulatory countries. If you don’t fail, you will be extremely taxed and suffocated by the state (government). This understanding makes any entrepreneur/investor absolutely limited, so the specific “currency” remains limited.

On the contrary: in economically and socially free countries, the currency is strengthened precisely because of intrinsic social freedom; minimum taxes; Minimal State and economic TRANSPARENCY. Productivity is the result of this process.

Can the “currency” called the dollar “die”? Maybe. If, at any time, American citizens stop producing; if the US economy becomes highly regulated; in case companies choose to produce massively in another country.

But where will so many entrepreneurs and brilliant minds go? For authoritarian countries and completely regulating individuals? Or to mostly corrupt, inflated, or violent countries? I don’t think so.

See the valuation of the Dollar x Argentine Peso in just 1 (one) year: 21%

What has changed? The economic and social freedom of individuals, in addition to the transparency of the Argentine government. The State is increasingly incisive, not only in the economy, but in the social issues of Argentines, also limiting their productive, innovative and entrepreneurial individual characteristics. The money flow quickly flees Argentina towards FREEDOM, PRODUCTIVITY and TRANSPARENCY.

So why are there so many theories about the fall of the dollar? Because very few individuals seek to understand macroeconomic factors involving individuals: respecting their individual freedoms; its intellectual, material and territorial properties; and minimally taxing your productivity.

Forget the currency name: be it Bitcoin, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Ruble, Peso, Yuan, Real. That’s just a name! What’s behind this name really matters.

Socially and economically free individuals; maximum state transparency and minimum interference.

If the United States changes the name from ‘dollar’ to ‘baruel’, surely ‘baruel’ will be the most valued fiat currency in the world.

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