About the Value of an Asset: #Ukraine

Notice how any “value” is worth NOTHING in a war – whatever. Imagine yourself in Ukraine right now. You probably wouldn’t be able to exchange 1kg of Gold for a safe haven for the simple fact that everyone is suffering and Life is the biggest “Asset”.

1 BTC (Bitcoin), today in Ukraine it should not be worth a plate of food, depending on the region. Many cities do not even have energy. What’s a fucking pendrive with 1 BTC for? Everything is relative, my friend. We will never be able to control all the variables of this brief life. There is no certainty. Not at all!

The “Value” of something is determined exclusively by the unique and singular look of the protagonist of his own life; and not of the spectator who observes him from afar. The spectator becomes just an individual, a speculator, who seeks the best option for his own interest. However, this protagonist constantly reevaluates his personal values ​​to determine the least painful option for him or his family. This is how this being, still human, behaves in the face of the transitory misfortunes of this world.

In the same way, the guy who seeks his goals in the “best investments” acts. Every time an improbable, fickle and painful variable appears, the individual remakes his own perspectives in search of a safe harbor. I’m sorry: there is no safe harbor.

What exists is the awareness that: nothing in this earthly world is safe as we plan. This whole psychological process is reflected directly and absolutely in the financial markets: each individual with his inconsistencies; problems and fears.

The only certainty is to practice the habit to try to be someone better, turning your eyes to the Cross.

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